Hani is a Senior Partner/General Manager at NXN (Formerly neXgen), focused on business development and delivery of various digital transformation initiatives in various MEA countries. As of January 2019, Hani has been mandated to lead all market development opportunities in Africa, Asia Pacific and Canada in addition to Saudi Arabia, Oman and Levant countries. Internally, he also oversees the resource management activities for the Group’s various business units. He is also the smart healthcare practice lead.

In the early 90’s, Hani started his career by managing and executing various transformation projects using electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and since then he continued his interest in technology innovation over the years working in various advisory and consulting roles around e-marketplaces, big data, and marketplace exchanges in both the public and private sectors in both the Americas and Middle East markets.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hani lead the governance development of a newly created digital unit that has been mandated to develop and oversee the digital transformation initiatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The scope entailed developing the functional and organizational unit structure in addition to developing the sectoral digital blueprints of various strategic sectors (Health, Education, Smart Cities, eCommerce) with clear socioeconomic impact visibility, while studying the KSA Vision 2030 and the NTP 2020. Furthermore, as part of the executive leadership for the transformation of Riyadh to a smart city, Hani took an active role in developing a comprehensive Strategy and Master Plan for paving the path for transforming Riyadh to a Smart City Activities included the development of smart city strategy derived from mapping various top down and bottom up initiatives of the Kingdom in transformation, conducting a detailed current state assessment of various ministerial agencies, benchmarking global jurisdictions in smart digital transformation, and developing a detailed future state and roadmap of initiatives across various dimensions of smart nations – Economy, Living, Environment, People, Mobility, and Governance enabled though technology.

In the UAE, Hani led the digital transformation strategy for all customer services of Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD). Aligned with the ‘Smart eHealth Abu Dhabi Vision’, the objective of this project was the development of a ’Smart Customer Service Strategy’ within the ‘Smart Transformation of HAAD’ initiative. The proposed scope of work developed a Smart Customer Service Strategy and a blueprint/roadmap for its implementation with technology being a key enabler.

Hani previously served as a Senior Advisor to the Director General of The UAE TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) leading the merger activities between two distinct UAE federal government Authorities. He also led the development of the federal UAE Information Security Guidelines as well as the development, enhancement and execution of the UAE eGovernment strategy in liaison with the Prime Minister’s Office under the supervision of the Director General of Office of the Prime Minister. Moreover, and in the capacity of Director, he created and managed the UAE TRA e-commerce team, developing and executing all the required regulatory instruments for executing the UAE ecommerce federal law no.1 of 2006. Finally, Mr. Obeid was selected as a part of the UAE Free Trade Agreement Negotiation Team (focus: Telecom/eCommerce) with the United States, Australia and Singapore.

Other experiences include a regional VP for the Middle East operation of a Canadian telecommunications organization specialized in deploying ruggedized broadband wireless solutions that enable machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, connect digital oil fields and smart grids, facilitate and enhance public safety networks; Here, Mr. Obeid managed the go-to-market strategy of the Middle East leading all customer and partner engagements.

Also for a Data Solutions company with head office in Chicago, Mr. Obeid, in the capacity of MD, managed and led a regional team in providing a suite of enterprise data solutions (from extraction to transformation to loading to governance of company data) in various public and private sectors across MENA.

Hani holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Oregon State University, USA. He is also a Certified Management Consultant from the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI.org) and is Green Belt Six Sigma Certified.

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