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As digitally savvy residents become economically proactive, they expect a more seamless engagement with everything around them, including their home, office and recreational facilities. Hence, local governments and real estate developers are pressured to modernize interaction with the built environment through the development of innovative areas or districts and an evolution of building standards to drive the adoption of technology. Technology has become a catalyst to creating a quality of life that will attract skilled residents, companies and organizations by providing a differentiator for the brand of cities and private developers.

A Smart District is a subset of a city and is a key building block to creating a successful Smart City. Smart Districts, just like Smart Cities, are about creating a digitally collaborative ecosystem not just for technology’s sake, but also about improving the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the district; and in doing so ultimately improving quality of life for people.

Our Offering

It must be recognized that the Smart District is a key component for achieving a successful Smart City at a macro level. In many ways, the Smart District Master Planning process requires similar steps.

Smart district

NXN offers specialized advisory and consulting services to governments, public sectors and real estate developers to develop master plans and digital transformation strategies and roadmaps which are tailored to drive transformation change for governments and cities around the world. Our consulting approach offers end-to end advisory services that optimize the deployment of next-generation infrastructure and services. Our multi-skilled international team leverages on their industry knowledge, and our solutions demonstrate practical expertise in both management consulting and technology consulting.

We help build Smart Districts for Smart Citizens.

Smart Districts have the potential to drive communities to achieve their goals and produce rich and valuable data. Our solutions are designed with technology and people at the core, to continually improve and deliver new services to citizens and residents. NXN is in partnership with industry leaders to develop technical expertise of ecosystem of the built environment and deliver Smart District Master Planning that reinvents urban living and working practices.


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