By the year 2020, the total amount of big data in the world will likely surpass 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes, as the amount roughly doubles each year from today.

  • How can data be organized to ensure it is readily accessible and interoperable for those that need it? 
  • What standards need to be in place for a given type of organization and how can they be enforced?
  • What strategic decisions need to be made to define and guide the organization’s approach to unlocking the value of its data?
  • What technologies may be used to power the latest data science and analytics applications?
  • How can organizational leaders and employees make use of the data and these new technologies?

These and many other difficult questions often make the task of approaching big data appear daunting. However, this should not prevent your organization from answering them in order to realize the awesome potential that awaits.


At NXN, we are proven experts in helping organizations leverage the power of their data. We provide advice and guidance to help your organization answer these questions and enable you to plan, develop and implement appropriate data policies and strategies; ensure that your data management practices are effective; and, leverage data science and analytics technologies and techniques to extract maximum value from your data. Our data advisory services include the full range of capabilities needed to support the full data life cycle and they may be tailored to suit your organization’s specific data requirements.




As the world becomes ever smarter it is crucial to put firm policies and strategies in place. Whether organization-wide, city-wide or nation-wide, it is essential to define appropriate goals and ambitions. Creating data strategies and laws and implementing an appropriate organizational framework and governance structure demands extensive expertise. NXN offers precisely the combination of sector-specific experience and leading data policymakers and practitioners to identify and apply best-in-class data maturity models to develop your organization’s strategy and policies. We rely on trusted global standards, which in many cases we helped develop, and our proven consulting methodology to right-fit the strategy and governance framework to your organization’s specific aims and requirements.

Ensuring that your organization generates, cares for and manages its data properly is essential to competing in today’s rapidly changing world. All the strategies and policies in the world cannot be effective without appropriate management practices and processes, nor without capable staff to use and oversee them. Controlling, protecting and ultimately enhancing the value of data and information assets is key whether your organization is a private enterprise or a large government entity. NXN has vast experience establishing the internal management practices needed to accomplish these critical tasks. We can assess current practices and recommend necessary improvements, or we can guide your organization from the beginning through the full deployment of an effective data management system. Depending on the sector and level of data quality and security required, we recommend appropriate global standards, tailor them as needed and offer full support throughout the implementation and process alignment phases, including staff training and mentoring.

Ultimately, establishing appropriate data standards and management practices within your organization should enable extraction of the fullest potential value from your data. This may mean developing a simple two-axis model to identify simple correlations or it may require advanced algorithms to drive complex machine learning and AI. Either way, optimal use of your organization’s data requires the ability to visualize, analyze and extract. NXN offers the full range of technical expertise in data science and analytics and in the advanced technologies increasingly used to drive them. Our experienced data scientists and technologists can help your organization uncover its data’s hidden insights to improve problem solving, decision making and to create new opportunities for optimization.


Contact NXN to see how our data advisory services can help your organization achieve its full potential.

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