New technologies are coming to market at an unprecedented rate and decision makers are often faced with the daunting task of determining what’s relevant to their business, and what isn’t. Today, how an organization leverages cutting-edge technology, and how quickly, can create a distinct advantage over the competition.

However, a swift introduction of emerging technologies within traditional business processes is not without risks due to the shortage of relevant skills in the market, the fast pace of changes of these technologies at the early stage of their maturity cycle, the difficulty to fully grasp their fields of application and potential impact (they are supposed to be new and disruptive, after all!), and the unavoidable discrepancy between hyped expectations and actual viable applicability.

At NXN, dedicated Advanced Technology experts continuously monitor and evaluate the maturity level of the latest and most disruptive technologies adopting a pragmatic approach through identification and testing of practical use cases directly on our DNX platform, and we adopt them first for our own managed services applications.

The acquisition of direct experience on our systems first, places NXN on the ideal position of being able to advise our clients on the best technology adoption strategy, and to successfully accelerate practical implementations on customers’ environments.

  • Blockchain
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Drones

The Blockchain buzzword seems to be everywhere these days and there is a widespread belief that the technology has an enormous potential beyond just cryptocurrencies. NXN is involved in the wider open source community that drives the development of the underlying technologies and connects with subject matter experts and innovative startups to define enterprise-grade software and architectures capable of handling the most complex decentralized applications at the speed of business. Our specialists can help you with any blockchain exploration initiative or implementation project, from setting up sandboxes and private blockchains based on Ethereum, Quorum, or Hyperledger in our DNX platform, to facilitating the integration of a decentralized application in your existing environment. Our advisors will be glad to work with you in identifying possible blockchain use cases with potential transformational impact for your business processes, always maintaining a practical approach.

The Singularity might still be several decades away, but A.I.’s value is real, the uses cases are innumerable, the hype is scary but fictitious, and its evolution is still clearly in the early stages.

Outside the academic community, there are a growing number of examples where fundamental components of A.I. – such as machine learning and natural language recognition – are being used to optimize back office and consumer-facing systems and processes: data and personal security, marketing personalization, fraud detection, customer support, and many others.

NXN partners with industry leaders and innovative startups to identify possible insertion points for cognitive technology in your applications and business processes and to bring this technology to life in your organization. Whether you want to build on your analytics strength to emphasize machine learning, implement an existing vendor’s software with cognitive capabilities, or simply start your A.I. journey with a chatbot integration within your apps, NXN has a solution for you.

Drones (aka Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs) are still in the infancy stage in terms of mass adoption and usage, but they have already broken through rigid traditional barriers in industries which otherwise seemed impenetrable by similar technological innovations.

NXN partners with local and international companies to test and develop effective utilizations of drones in various fields of application, including search and rescue operations, traffic monitoring, engineering applications, safety and surveillance, crowd monitoring and management, 3D mapping and modelling. We are active contributors in several trial services powered by drones at city-wide level, for which we provide secure data transmission, video storage and management, and video analytics through our DNX platform.