Dubai, UAE, 01 May 2018: The partnership will help achieve optimal energy efficiency metrics that adhere to environmental legislation, as well as delivering extensive facility intelligence through a universal dashboard that seamlessly manages and monitors energy consumption in buildings.

Du’s partnership with NXN provides advanced facility intelligence functionality that can be overseen on a single platform to help users monitor, validate, predict, and control all energy-related expenses while informing users’ decisions regarding energy use and allocation. Their collaborative solutions will offer real-time management and monitoring of energy assets from an Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) using connectivity and end-to-end solutions by du to operate on a NXN powered platform.

“At du, our environmental sustainability is based on integrity and transparency. These are among our top business commitments as we make progress in Smart City transformation. Reducing energy use and water and electricity consumption is an undeniably vital component of building a sustainable future, and a driving force behind the environmental initiatives being executed all over the UAE today,” said Jihad Tayara, VP – ICT Commercial, du. “By joining hands with a reliable partner such as NXN, we are combining unique tools and expertise at our disposal, to offer cloud based energy management solutions by offering Energy Management as a Service from our world class data centre in the UAE.”

“As a company invested in the smart city future of the UAE, we believe that smart technologies and sustainability go hand-in-hand,” said Labib Matta, Chief Business officer, NXN. “As such, it is critically important to develop and implement the connected solutions that will help us achieve both of these things in the near future. We are delighted to partner with a forward thinking company such as du and leverage each other’s synergies to offer data-driven energy management solutions to enable businesses across UAE to optimise energy consumption – reduce costs and increase sustainability of assets. Our Smart Energy portfolio offers a range of turnkey and customisable solutions across all sectors that will help customers achieve their energy management goals,” Matta added.

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