As part of our longstanding partnership with the University of Toronto Rotman MBA program, and a part of NXN’s Internship program, NXN hosted a group of interns this summer.

NXNs Program aims to facilitate the opportunity for candidates from various academic institutions located locally, regionally, and globally to nominate students interested in further developing their essential skills within digital transformation and better understanding the impact of smart digital transformation across various industries.  The program further aims to allow students to utilize their problem solving, analytical, research and organizational skills to understand digitalization’s value proposition, gain exposure to NXN partners, principals and staff through formal and informal shadowing opportunities, and participate in technical development exercises focused on knowledge management, research, and preparation of material on specific engagements.

The 3 interns were given six weeks of guided, real world consulting experience in Industry 4.0 with a focus on Smart Manufacturing.

At the end of the six weeks, the group flew to Dubai for 2 days to present their findings where they delivered a comprehensive industry 4.0 spotlight, while evaluating the effects of cutting edge technologies within Smart Manufacturing and analyzing real world business cases.

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