neXgen rebrands as NXN and launches “Smart City” as a service portfolio.

NEXGEN, a thought leader in smart cities and next generation technology innovation, is rebranding to NXN. The new brand comes on the heels of the new partnership in launching the Zain-NXN service portfolio for smart cities.

NXN defines its offering as an ability to orchestrate the transformation of cities into smart, connected environments through its unique combination of technology, expertise and approach. Services go beyond digital transformation consulting into the building and management of smart city services in various sectors, like smart energy, smart security, smart utilities and other sectors.

The NXN mission is to consult, build, and manage the smart and digital transformation of cities and districts. These become world-class, effective and efficient living spaces for society to benefit from and enjoy.

NXN has already built clouds in Kuwait, KSA, and UAE to deliver managed smart-city and smart-district services for governments and real estate developers.

The NXN technology platform is built in cooperation with well-known companies like EMC Dell, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, SAP and others. The pieces of technology have been architecturally orchestrated and integrated together in an innovative way, allowing NXN to provide cities with dashboards and data analytics that add value and are much needed in the decision making process.

The new brand identity comes in line with NXN’s core business and in its inspiration from the cities it transforms. Looking deep into the heart of any city shows us grids; road grids, electricity grids, transport grids and network grids. At the intersection of these intersections, the slices of life in a city occur. These grids and intersecting slices make up the visual language of the NXN logo and new brand identity.

Our Values

  • Extraordinary IdeasWe value innovative, visionary perspectives on the future and transformational thinking.
  • Beautiful simplicityWe strive for beautiful simplicity in everything that we do, because we operate in a highly complex and ever-changing environment.
  • People Who Make a DifferenceWe value people with the drive and passion to make a positive impact on our business and our clients.

Ghazi Atallah, CEO of NXN commented, “The new brand signals a new era for us. In collaboration with Zain, we have a real opportunity to take the smart city concept to the next level. Our new brand reflects this expansion of our remit and encapsulates our vision for the future of smart cities.”

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