In a relatively short period of time, technology has moved from the back office to the front office and embedded itself into nearly every aspect of people’s business and personal lives, fueled by what IDC defines as the 3rd Platform technologies – mobile, social business, cloud, and big data and analytics. The impact on how businesses function has been profound. The internal operations of today’s businesses need to be tightly linked to the external ecosystem which includes their customers, partners, markets, competitors, and regulators. To enable this, business leaders are embracing a technology-centric business model known as Digital Transformation (DX).

IDC defines DX as the continuous process by which enterprises leverage digital competencies to adapt to, and drive, disruptive changes in their markets and ways of doing business. DX improves operational efficiency and organizational performance and enables enterprises to innovate new business models, products, and services that seamlessly blend digital, physical, business, and customer experiences.

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