Digital transformation is fundamentally reshaping how every industry all over the world operates. Enterprises and organizations that resist digital transformation or are slow to embrace digitalization ultimately fall behind and struggle to remain competitive. The advent of revolutionary new technologies such as AI, machine learning, internet of things, big data and 5G will help accelerate the global movement towards digital transformation even further by 2020.

NXN's Digital Platform

Moreover, global technology companies like Microsoft, Huawei and SAP are now developing their own digital platforms in an effort to establish a foothold in what it is fast becoming a hugely lucrative market worldwide. However, those technology thought-leaders are at the very formative stages of the development of their digital platforms

These technology leaders, in many ways, are being reactive to the emergence of digital transformation, which has completely engulfed major industries globally. However, one company which has been proactive in its approach to digital transformation is NXN.
The company, formerly known as NeXgen, decided to rebrand its operations and launched its new DNX digital platform two years ago. Under the dynamic vision and leadership of its CEO, Ghazi Atallah, NXN has now become the go-to player for digital transformation with its tried and trusted DNX platform.

NXN has enjoyed phenomenal success with the DNX platform, and what ultimately differentiates the platform from its competitors is the fact that it is now mature and is already achieving the digital transformational objectives and goals for governments, enterprises and organizations all over the GCC region.

NXN identified the emerging trend of digital transformation much earlier than any of its global competitors, thanks to the innovative vision of Atallah. He recognized that enterprises and organizations would need to embrace digital transformation in order to stay relevant and maintain growth in a new era, which has been dubbed by ICT experts as ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

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