NXN played both an Advisory Consulting role and an Implementor role with MBRHE, helping the Dubai Government agency to:
a) Comply in record time and to the highest degree of quality with the Dubai Data Law;
b) Develop a full data governance strategy addressing enterprise-wide data challenges;
c) Develop a Housing Sector Data Framework in fulfilment of MBRHE’s data leadership role within the UAE Federal Housing initiative.

Dubai Data Law Compliance:

– Developed MBRHE data governance model, team makeup, RACI matrices.
– Populated enterprise data inventory per Dubai Data Manual standards for metadata, prioritization, etc.
– Classified prioritized data sets.
– Prepared data sets for open publication and restricted sharing via ingestion into the Dubai Pulse platform.
– Developed MBRHE data release plan.

Data Management Framework:

– Developed a current state assessment of MBRHE business units’ current data management practices and a data quality assessment.
– Prepared a gap analysis report that captures in-depth analysis of the key observations with preliminary conclusions.
– Developed a data governance strategy containing the key opportunities identified and a prioritized roadmap of activities along with proposed timelines.

Federal Housing Data Standards:

– Defined data governance and quality standards for local housing entities to handle their data through the main housing data lifecycle stages (data acquisition, data processing and data transformation).
– Provided KPIs to be employed within each housing data lifecycle stage to ensure housing sector data governance across the UAE is standardized and properly maintained.

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