NXN played a Consulting and Advisory role with HAAD and has been a key player in executing its digital transformation executive direction.

Aligned with the ‘Smart eHealth Abu Dhabi Vision’, the objective of this engagement is the development of a ’Smart Customer Service Strategy’ within the ‘Smart Transformation of HAAD’ initiative. The proposed scope of work was recommended in order for HAAD to assess the current state of its service delivery and make recommendations for next steps based on:

Identifying and meeting HAAD stakeholders and consumer needs; Designing and Implementing Quick Fixes; Developing a Smart Customer Service Strategy and a roadmap of activities for its implementation.

We developed a far-reaching master plan and architecture blueprint which put in place the building blocks of one of the most advanced and holistic Smart Cities in the world.

Now HAAD has activated the recommendations put forth and are in the process of working with NXN on developing two (2) high impact services using blockchain technology and hosted on NXNs managed services state-of-the-art platform. These services include birth and death certificate services.

Engagement Scope

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