Zain were looking to implement a new Customer Value Management (CVM) solution to enhance the customer lifecycle value through personalized and real-time contextual engagement. Using NXN’s DNX platform, a solution was designed to enhance and capture the customer lifecycle as the customer base continued to grow.

NXN’s DNX platform became the winning component to Zain Group’s plan and strategy to completely overhaul their customer experience and revenue via deeper customer insights, analytics and personalization. It’s expected to serve 47 million customers, the total customer base of Zain Group.

DNX is setup to match and exceed Zain requirements from a pure processing power requirement allowing us to offer Zain the assurances they require to address the criticality of the project implementation in a fast, reliable, and convenient manner. Our solution offering will host Zain‘s initial implementation within a managed services approach and facilitate quick revenue realization by reducing deployment times by 3-4 months which translates to actual revenue based on the expectations from the business.

VSaaS Service Offering

“Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) continue to reinforce their position as one of the key pillars in the Middle East and North African region’s (MENA) economic landscape. In a recent study published by BLOOVO Middle East, 90 per cent of the total registered companies in MENA are SMEs. Currently in the GCC, SMEs employ approximately 17 million people and forecasts note that this number is expected to reach 20 million by 2020 at an annual growth rate of almost 2.5 per cent.”

ZAIN Kuwait, therefore, has decided to target such a market segment and offer additional services to SME’s over and above the traditional stack of telecommunication services; with the latest addition to this portfolio is a Video Surveillance As A Service (VSaaS).

This offering will be delivered by NXN along with its consortium of partners Huawei and Avigilon (a leading VMS software provider) to complete the offering to Zain Kuwait. NXN will acquire the infrastructure, deploy and operate through our DNX Platform, allowing quick deployment and a faster go-to-market with advanced features (such as video analytics).

Zain Kuwait is now in a position to offer this end-to-end surveillance solution which includes connectivity, cameras, storage and operations, greatly facilitating the deployment for SME customers while allowing them to benefit from an attractive OPEX model for quick wins and quick realization of benefits by end users, making Zain Kuwait the first to offer it to the market. Furthermore there is a potentially large bank that is lined up to be the first user of the service with a large requirements that will need an immediate hardware expansion to the platform with a potentially 2000 cameras setup.

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