Smart utilities

Utilities are one of the most basic commodities of modern day life.

Gas, electricity, and water literally power the world.

The stakeholders involved in utilities are numerous – from producers, cargo companies, and telecoms firms, to government, businesses, and consumers. As our world’s precious natural resources deplete, it becomes ever more important to increase the efficiency of utility production and usage. This can be done through Smart Utilities – smart production, smart metering, smart consumption, smart monitoring, etc. Every step in the process of producing and consuming utilities can be tracked, measured, and optimized. NXN can help you do all this, and more.
Digital Transformation gives utility companies the opportunity to collect richer operations and customer level data, analyze it for service improvements, and improve or add new services to change the way customers consume their products. It enables transformative enhancements to productivity, reliability, safety, customer experience, compliance, and revenue management.

NXN is a Smart City expert. We have helped various governments, organizations, and communities achieve their visions. We are experienced in delivering all the offerings of a smart city, of which Smart Utilities is a key component.

With our DNX platform, thought leaders, and creative solutions, we can help your organization:

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