Smart logistics

Over the years, the entire field of supply chain management, which includes logistics, has changed and emerged as the function that can make or break an organization’s economic survival, including the government’s. Unplanned outages can significantly disrupt production and cause customer dissatisfaction.

– High-value goods are easily stolen, adulterated, or exchanged during transportation.
– Channel conflicts also frequently occur, and it is difficult to monitor goods in real time.

While people generally visualize the movement of goods by airplanes and trucks when they think of logistics, in reality, logistics touches on all aspects of the supply chain. Everything from the management of multi-modal transportation networks, inventories, packaging, and billing, impacts efficient and successful logistics planning.

Logistics vehicles are often provided by a third-party logistics enterprise – vehicle information cannot be obtained automatically and must be queried manually.

Without real-time monitoring of valuable goods, such as in a convoy, the logistics enterprise and the goods owner cannot detect any abnormal situations in time.