Managing energy consumption is one of the largest challenges that cities and districts face in modern times. NXN is at the forefront of realizing how convergence between digital technology and the world of energy can pave the way for a new ecosystem of services which will enable both a better quality of life and reduced energy consumption.

Energy Management promotes sustainability and achieves savings on energy and operational spend. It encompasses real time meters for electricity, gas and water that can benefit several stakeholders that include facility managers, retail and business tenants, residents and government organizations.


NXN’s Smart Energy Management Services offer valuable insights into energy consumption using historical, real-time, and predictive analytics models. This perfectly complemements and integrates with existing systems and brings additional data and intelligence which is collected in real-time and then cleansed and warehoused. This means that stakeholders have access to personalized dashboards, IOC portals and mobile and web apps to easily monitor, validate, predict and control all energy-related expenses and risks to reliability.

From planning, design to maintenance, we improve sustainability & efficiency of your operations. NXN delivers a unique approach that is defined around your specific needs & KPIs regardless of your facility type, location or age, and overall condition of your building’s systems and subsystems.


  • Real-time energy consumption dashboards.
  • Day/weekly/monthly reports on water, electricity.
  • Collaboration between agencies with shared geographic-based information system.
  • Events Correlation and false alarm filtering.

  • Forecasting of energy consumption & problems.
  • Predict  equipment condition based on real-time delta.
  • Predict and schedule condition-based maintenance.

  • Powerful analytics tools and dashboards.
  • In-depth and all-encompassing perspective.
  • Improved forecasting, optimization, and correlation
    for successful planning.

NXN's targets in the optimization of energy consumption, include:

  • Lower monthly costs
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Better resale value
  • Greater durability
  • Peace of mind
  • Lower monthly costs
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Better resale value
  • Greater durability
  • Peace of mind


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