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SummaryOur strategic partnership with Dell EMC allows us to bring governments and city authorities closer to realizing their digital agenda and strengthening their concerted efforts to create not only smart, but sustainable cities with higher quality of life

NXN and Dell EMC Partnership at a glance : 

NXN’s strategic partnership with Dell EMC aims to drive the region’s advancing innovation agenda. Jointly, we commit to enable governments and cities across the region establish the instrumental ICT pillars to accelerate innovation adoption; deliver superior, fast and personalized services for citizens and businesses while enabling agility and sustainability.

To that end, we have structured our DNX platform deployments around Dell EMC VxRack™, hyper-converged rack-scale engineered systems purpose built to enable customers quickly deploy Infrastructure-as-a-Service architecture in addition to Dell EMC Isilon scale out storage to provision the need for a robust and elastic storage architecture. The platform is completed with Dell EMC Data Domain™ in addition to Dell EMC Avamar to create a performance backed data protection and availability environment.

In addition, NXN Group has selected Pivotal Cloud Foundry, open source cloud native platform to extend a production-ready application platform that enables the development and delivery of faster composable services designed for independent deployment, scaling and recovery.

About Dell EMC : Dell EMC, a part of Dell Technologies, enables organizations to modernize, automate and transform their data center using industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage and data protection technologies.  This provides a trusted foundation for businesses to transform IT, through the creation of a hybrid cloud, and transform their business through the creation of cloud-native applications and big data solutions.  Dell EMC services customers across 180 countries – including 98% of the Fortune 500 – with the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative portfolio from edge to core to cloud.



Summary : with a strategic partner like MICROSOFT we aim TO DRIVE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ACROSS THE MIDDLE EAST. Together, we will apply the power of Azure and scalability of DNX platform to enable seamless integration within a customer environment and rapid delivery of smart services. Our Smart City and District Digital services powered by Microsoft Azure enabled by data science capability will empower our customers to make fast and informed business decisions.

NXN and Microsoft Partnership at a glance : NXN and Microsoft ventured into a partnership to launch NXN’s digital transformation platform “DNX” and its digital services on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform for government entities, real estate developers and enterprises across the region.

ABOUT MICROSOFT : Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

This will enable seamless delivery of DNX platform smart district services including smart energy, smart security, smart parking, Video Surveillance as a Service and AI-enabled solutions on Microsoft Azure. It will also involve technology collaboration and go-to-market strategies aimed at driving the digitization of cities. DNX is an award-winning platform capable of enabling a broad range of smart services focused both on the public and private sector. The platform enables the provision of energy, mobility, security, healthcare, hospitality, education, and utilities as services.

Today, the advent of the cloud and smart technologies is revealing new scenarios that were simply not possible until now. Smart sensors and connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices now allow us to capture new data and with the unmatched capabilities of DNX to efficiently process big data real-time while integrating a variety of platforms & systems, creates a powerful value proposition. Organizations all over the world recognize Microsoft Azure as the most trusted and intelligent cloud for enterprise and hybrid infrastructure. With enhanced security, privacy and compliance offerings, businesses and organizations can safeguard their business assets and data and achieve more.



SummaryNXN and Tactio Health Group strategic partnership aims to accelerate the development of patient-centered digital health programs in the Middle East region

Through its partnership with Tactio Health Group, NXN provides patient-centered digital health programs such as smart healthcare programs, digital health solutions by using our digital transformation platform that enables the development and roll out of digital health services in a structured and cohesive way. We believe this will enhance healthcare and provide a more engaging and result driven healthcare service to patients across the region

NXN and tactio  Partnership at a glance : NXN jointly with Tactio the digital health software manufacturer, the company has developed a very progressive smart healthcare program which gives a much more personalized experience for individuals in relation to their heath. The initial program enables users to monitor themselves on a daily and weekly basis – and shall soon connect them directly with their healthcare provider in a very sophisticated way. This partnership is supported by NXN’s digital capabilities providing its in-country digital platform expertise and experience and, Tactio’s  genuine technological expertise, Tactio RPM platform and business savvy in mobile and connected health that will  accelerate the adoption of digital health programs in home care areas such as covid19, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD and CHF as well as wide range of patient-centered clinical applications such as chronic disease monitoring, population health screening, clinical research, post-acute care and pre/post-surgery programs.

About TACTIO – Tactio Health Group helps innovative healthcare organizations make the patient experience mobile, digital and connected with a telehealth platform that combines the power of apps, health IoT and cloud services.  Powering telehealth initiatives from payers, providers and pharma, its wide range of clinical applications includes chronic disease monitoring, population health screening, clinical research and post-acute care.

Founded in 2009, Tactio is headquartered in Montreal servicing services payers, providers and pharma through a global network of channel partners in North America, Europe and South America. Tactio health apps have been downloaded by more than 4.5 million users in 135 countries and 17 languages

Tactio’s mission is centered on digitizing patients home care without directly servicing hospitals, clinics nor pharmacies. Instead, Tactio collaborates with digital health innovators such as NXN help them rapidly and reliably introduce patient-centered, digital health programs to healthcare providers in their market. The programs consist of localized TactioRPM platforms combining mobile patient apps, clinical portals, connected health integrations (incl. Garmin, A&D Medical, BÜHLMANN Laboratories, Fitbit, Roche, Nonin, Omron, MIR & Welch Allyn), patient questionnaires, digital coaching programs and HIPAA-compliant messaging.



SummaryTELUS Health, a leader in home health monitoring, is NXN’s strategic partner in providing world-class digital healthcare in the region. It offers integrated tools through the Telus Health Exchange platform, enabling clinicians to communicate across primary care settings.

NXN and Telus  Partnership at a glance : Through the power of this collaboration, we are exploring innovative eHealth outcomes to drive the next generation of the sector while delivering an enriched patient experiences.By working with TELUS Health NXN will leverage TELUS Health’s suite of eHealth portfolio, which comprises of applications to improve the medical journey for four key stakeholders – Patients, Physicians, Pharmacies and Payors.

These applications include, but are not limited to, e-Prescriptions, e-Claims, Remote Patient Monitoring, mobile Electronic Health Records and Telemedicine Platform. The goal of these applications is to not only streamline the process for healthcare transactions, but also minimize gaps for the most important stakeholder, the Patient.

About TELUS Health : TELUS Health is a leader in digital health technology solutions such as home health monitoring, electronic medical and health records, virtual care, benefits and pharmacy management as well as personal emergency response services. TELUS Health is leveraging the power of technology to improve access to care and revolutionize the flow of health information to create better outcomes for Canadians while facilitating collaboration, efficiency and productivity for physicians, pharmacists, health authorities, allied healthcare professionals, insurers, employers and citizens.



NXN and vidsys  Partnership at a glance : Jointly NXN and Vidsys are offering Smart Safety & Security as a service leveraging Vidsys’ CSIM multi-tenant cloud-based solution. Through the new solution offering, NXN customers will have access to Smart Safety & Security as a managed service with customization based on individual business needs.

Through this managed services offering, we expect to see significant growth and accelerated adoption of smart city initiatives in the region including safety, security, and infrastructure management capabilities.

Summary : Vidsys is NXN’s partner in providing smart safety and security solutions in the Middle East using Vidsys’ CSIM multi-tenant cloud-based solution. It offers a unified incident monitoring solution to government organizations, real estate developments, and other enterprises.

ABOUT VIDSYS : Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, USA, Vidsys provides transformational Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software platform that has been adopted by some of the world’s leading brands and technology partners within key verticals, including Transportation, Energy, Utility, Healthcare, and Government. Vidsys software has obtained highest levels of information security and assurance from both top-tier global corporations and the US federal government. Vidsys is hardware, protocol, and device agnostic, and offers bi-directional, browser-based platform with industry-specific features and functions that allows sensors, devices, systems, subsystems, and services to be interconnected via open architecture APIs and SDKs. The platform collects, correlates and converts vast amounts of data into meaningful and actionable information, based on the organization’s risk policy, standards and compliance requirements. By leveraging mobile and web-based technology, the software can be rapidly deployed and provides real-time situational awareness and information management capabilities.



ABOUT HUAWEI : Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Our aim is to enrich life and improve efficiency through a better connected world, acting as a responsible corporate citizen, innovative enabler for the information society, and collaborative contributor to the industry. Driven by customer-centric innovation and open partnerships, Huawei has established an end-to-end ICT solutions portfolio that gives customers competitive advantages in telecom and enterprise networks, devices and cloud computing. Huawei’s 170,000 employees worldwide are committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises, and consumers. Our innovative ICT solutions, products, and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private company fully owned by its employees.

Summary : NXN and Huawei are key collaborators in delivering the Smart City Go-to-Market technology solutions which comprise smart district, smart logistics, safety and security, as well as smart healthcare services

NXN and Huawei partnership at a glance : This strategic collaboration with Huawei, a global ICT leader, will bring readily deployable solutions for Smart Cities and Districts, enabling our clients across the region to leverage these innovative services in their digital transformation journey. Delivering simple and effective services to our customers from our industry collaboration efforts is always our overarching goal

Both Huawei and NXN will cooperate in the Smart City Go-to-Market (GTM) across the region with emphasis on markets within Zain’s footprint. The collaboration covers the design, release and marketing of joint Smart City solutions for smart districts and logistics, smart safety and security, and smart healthcare services. The alliance also covers cooperation in Smart Internet of things (IoT), and Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) technologies.



Summary : Du is NXN’s telecommunications partner in the UAE in delivering smart energy solutions and digital healthcare solutions across the country. The services are designed for government and private enterprises, as well as healthcare institutions.

NXN and Du Partnership at a glance : As a company invested in the smart city future of the UAE, we believe that smart technologies go hand-in-hand with sustainability and health. As such, it is critically important to develop and implement the connected solutions that will help us achieve both of these things in the near future. Partnering with a forward-thinking company such as du and leverage each other’s synergies to offer data-driven energy management solutions to enable businesses across UAE to optimise energy consumption – reduce costs and increase sustainability of assets.

The partnership will help achieve optimal energy efficiency metrics that adhere to environmental legislation, as well as delivering extensive facility intelligence through a universal dashboard that seamlessly manages and monitors energy consumption in buildings.

This strategic partnership provides advanced facility intelligence functionality that can be overseen on a single platform to help users monitor, validate, predict, and control all energy-related expenses while informing users’ decisions regarding energy use and allocation. Our collaboration will offer real-time management and monitoring of energy assets from an Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) using connectivity and end-to-end solutions by du to operate on a NXN powered platform DNX.

About DU : Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company commercially rebranded as DU February 2007, is one of the two telecom operators in the United Arab Emirates. du offers fixed line, mobile telephony, internet and digital television services across the United Arab Emirates.It has a sister concern named Edara established in 2018. Edara is a subsidiary of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) commercially branded as Telco Operations.



SummaryEsri, the global leader in spatial analytics, is NXN’s key partner in providing smart city services and solutions, particularly its digital transformation platform “DNX” using Esri technology and geospatially enabled smart and digital services for governments and property developments.

NXN and ESRI  Partnership at a glance : Through this collaboration, NXN will augment its Smart City as a Service digital platform DNX with Esri technology to deliver geospatially enabled smart and digital services in real estate and government.

Communities across the Middle East are adopting the smart city innovation of connecting people with data that matters to them and presenting it in a highly visual context. By embedding Esri technology, including the ArcGIS platform, NXN’s Smart City services can now meet its customer’s needs for greater transparency and cost-effectiveness in operations by presenting data in a geographic context.

This partnership with Esri will bring significant value to our customers. Our DNX digital platform’s data orchestration, data analytics, visualization, and reporting capabilities will provide our customers with an enhanced ability to make decisions resulting in improved customer experience, operational efficiency, energy efficiency, and more”. The collaboration between Esri and NXN will provide additional Esri 2D and 3D solutions and consulting services to NXN clients.

About Esri: Esri, the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping, offers the most powerful geospatial cloud available, to help customers unlock the full potential of data to improve operational and business results. Founded in 1969, Esri software is deployed in more than 350,000 organizations including 90 of the Fortune 100 companies, all 50 state governments, more than half of all counties (large and small), and 87 of the Forbes Top 100 Colleges in the US, as well as all 15 Executive Departments of the US Government and dozens of independent agencies. With its pioneering commitment to geospatial information technology, Esri engineers the most advanced solutions for digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics.



Tridium is a global leader in business application frameworks that have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect through its Niagara Application Frameworks. NXN works with Tridium to expand its portfolio offerings covering integrated building management systems.


NXN works with Cisco on delivering secure, cloud-based, and managed network solutions to enterprises of all sizes in Kuwait.


NXN has teamed up with Cloudera, an Enterprise Data Cloud for Big Data, capable of providing access anywhere, from the Edge to AI. These services offer a wide range of data platform solutions to government entities, real estate developers and other private enterprises.


Schneider Electric is NXN’s key partner in the digital transformation of energy management and automation for buildings, as well as data centers, paving the way for smart buildings development in the region.


NXN and Talisen Technologies have joined forces to strengthen their technology capabilities and offer Energy Analytic Solutions in the region.